• volty monitoring tracker
    Highly Accurate And
    Real Time Web-Based
    Monitoring Solution
  • volty vehicle tracker
    Your Truck
    Offers A
    Productive, Powerful
    Vehicle Following
  • volty location tracker
    Track The Location Of
    all your employees, drivers
    with an ease

GPS Trackers

GPS Trackers data can be stored within the tracking unit, or it may be transmitted to a central location database.

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TranSync Solutions

Track Your Truck offers a productive, powerful vehicle following framework for dealing with your business armada.

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IOT Solutions

Web-based PowerSync monitoring provides PV system owners a highly accurate and real time web-based monitoring solution.

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What They Said About Us

volty technounique client Volty IOT solution has been invaluable in optimizing our delivery operations. The real time view of the vehicle's location enables apt management of vehicles.
Techno Unique Pvt Ltd.
volty 4wheel client Volty IOT solution has helped Transit Aids automate dispatch, identify and check vehicle misuse,curtail fuel expense and optimize their workforce.
volty srtransport client Volty IOT solution has proven to be robust and reliable.Volty IOT solution aids in cost-saving on the hours of operation for construction equipment.
SR Transport.

Our Clients

volty technounique client
volty skycabs client
volty 4wheel client
volty bscpl client
volty mic client
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